Digital Stories

6 September 2020

Component Driven User Interfaces

The development and design practice of building user interfaces with modular components. UIs are built from the “bottom up” starting with basic components then progressively combined to assemble screens.

1 September 2020

How WeChat Censored the Coronavirus Pandemic

Here's a look at how the Chinese messaging app WeChat censored conversations about the coronavirus pandemic from the start.

14 Juni 2020

Corona Creative Classes

Basics of Creative Coding. The class is all about showing you tools and ways to create visuals outputs with the help of code..

12 Februar 2020

We're back at FITC 2020 in Amsterdam!

Zum dritten waren wir am FITC in Amsterdam, wo die weltweit innovativsten, technischsten…

29 Januar 2020

Building a Design System?

Some fundamental things that everyone should consider when designing a shared library within Figma.

14 Januar 2020

Flowmapp – we love it.

A powerful tool for visualizing the customer’s experience. Use storytelling to capture key user moments and enhance communication.

12 Dezember 2019

A beginner’s guide to Lean UX

It’s not enough to design a product and hope your users are happy with it. You need a process that allows you to create that product, and then make changes if need be.

26. November 2019

Rreact Rainbow

More than 60 components built on top of React. 🤩 React Rainbow is a collection of components that will reliably help you build web apps. Give it a hack and let us know what you think. 🥰🌈

11 November 2019

WordPress Conference

The next Swiss WordPress Conference will be held on Saturday, 14th September at Technopark! The event is returning to Zurich for the first time since 2015. Save your tickets now! 😎

7 August 2019

UI Icons set

266 pixel-perfect Icons for Sketch and Figma. Get this Free UI icon set by Tetrisly.

12. Juli 2019

Digital Festival 2019

Two days full of inspiration, great people, talks and workshops. We’re very happy to be part of this year's digital festival in Zurich. 🥰 Great vibes @DiFe Zurich

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